Pelicans star Anthony Davis is still getting taller

BY foxsports • September 27, 2016

In a shocking development that can only be described as "unfair" for 29 NBA teams, New Orelans Pelicans star and early MVP candidate Anthony Davis had a minor growth spurt over the offseason and showed up to Media Day Monday even bigger than he was last season. 

Davis, who is still only 23, was limited to 61 games last season due to injuries and had knee surgery in March. Over the offseason, he gained a few pounds to bump his actual playing weight up to 250, and was measured at 6-foot-11, up from his listing at 6-foot-10 last season. 

Davis joked that he's going to keep telling people he's 6-foot-10. 

Via the Black and Blue Report:

"I think 6-10's like the perfect height for me. It just doesn't sound right; 6-10 sounds perfect to me. 6-11, 7 feet. ... I don't like it.... I will always tell everybody 6-10. I don't care if I'm 7-3. I'm 6-10."

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