Obama: Steph Curry is more fun 'than anybody since Michael Jordan'

Published Mar. 14, 2016 3:45 p.m. EDT

President Barack Obama loves basketball. He also loves the Chicago Bulls, specifically their Michael Jordan era of complete and total dominance. 

But with those days long gone and his Bulls struggling through an injury-plagued season, Obama — like the rest of the NBA's audience — currently has his eye on the Golden State Warriors and league MVP Steph Curry (via Time):

“Steph Curry is the greatest shooter that I’ve ever seen,” President Obama said, recalling a late February game during which Curry scored 46 points, tied an NBA record of hitting 12 three-pointers in a single game and helped his team win a playoff spot six-weeks ahead the cutoff. “I am having more fun watching him than anybody since Michael Jordan.”

To reach Jordan's level, even on a single-season basis, is almost impossible. But Curry is definitely there, having become a three-point shooting monster who turns basketball courts into lava pits whenever he wants. 

Today is Curry's 28th birthday, and though it's difficult to envision him ever topping his current season in the future, his production/influence likely won't drop off any time soon — his skill will endure. So long as he's ever on a basketball court, defenders will stay glued to his side. 


Curry will always impact his team's offense in a good way, even when he can barely run. For that reason, we may eventually mention him as the best basketball player who ever lived. 

Curry obviously has a long way to go (a few more championships are necessary), but the path is visible.