Move over, Steph Curry; DeMarcus Cousins says MVP is his to grab

BY foxsports • October 8, 2015

The list of the NBA's best big men has to start behind Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins. He dominates opponents in a way that's almost fallen out of style in the NBA. Where point guards and 3-point shooters have taken over, Boogie remains a steadfast reminder of how dominant size and smarts can be when packaged together.

So when Cousins was asked at training camp if he thinks the MVP award is within his reach this season, there was only one reasonable answer: Of course it is. Or, as Cousins put it (via the Kings' official team web site):

Cousins is right that it will take a total team effort. If he's going to be considered for the honor, the Kings will have to make the playoffs. But expectations are relatively low for Sacramento; if the team can make a postseason run, Cousins' candidacy will be impossible to ignore.

"Reachable, man?" Cousins responded. "It’s mine to grab."

"It’s going to take a full team effort," Cousins added. "I’ll try to play at a high level and bring my team along with me."

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