Boston Celtics are 'not going to back down from anybody'

BY foxsports • November 18, 2015

The Boston Celtics have the third best defense in basketball right now. They hustle on every single possession, seamlessly rotate and give multiple efforts.

They're tough and nobody should want to play them right now. Here's how the team's leading scorer, Isaiah Thomas, describes it, per The Boston Herald:

Boston contests shots and has a special group of perimeter defenders who never stop being feisty. Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and Marcus Smart are super intense, and they finally have a pretty good rim protector (Amir Johnson) backing them up.

Once the offense starts to click, these Celtics could become extremely potent.

“No doubt we have it, especially guys that have a lot to prove in this league,” Thomas said. “You’ve got that chip on your shoulder, and we’ve got a lot of those guys on this team where they’re trying to prove themselves and have a pretty good career. And when you’ve got that mindset, where you’re not going to back down from anybody no matter who it is, that’s a plus right there.”

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