White Sox: How Long Should Fans Give the Rebuild?

December 28, 2016

The White Sox are on their way to becoming a competitive organization. But the question is, how long should the rebuild take?

The Chicago White Sox have reshaped their future. With just two trades, they acquired enough talent to put them in talks for having one of the best farm systems in baseball. This bodes well for the fan base, who have stood pat while their team loses year after year. With new energy surrounding this team, the big questions is when will they be competitive?

    There’s no question this team has talent, but some of it is not major league ready. Yoan Moncada, the number one prospect in all of baseball, only has eight games of experience. General manager Rick Hahn has stated he doesn’t want to rush him to the majors. That goes along with the likes of Lucas Giolito and Michael Kopech, who are the number two and three ranked prospects in the organization respectively. In fact, really none of the White Sox top 10 prospects have much experience.

    I think everyone agrees this team can be dangerous in the future, but we’re just not sure when. The trades Hahn made look good on paper but it’ll take several years for us to see just how well they panned out for this team. On paper, they have a lot of phenomenal talent in the minors. Barring injury, a lot of this guys can become stars for this team. This organization’s success will hinge on how well they can develop all this talent.


    Most of the top talent in the White Sox system are only two or three seasons away from the majors. By 2018 this team should have most of these guys playing for them everyday. That’s if everything pans out accordingly. Give this team three seasons and hopefully they will be in a position to contend, much like the Cubs. I think in two seasons, they can be decent enough but there will be some growing pains. With all the young talent, there’s bound to be some tough stretches but it should all pay off in the end.

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