MLB: Worst Uniforms in Major League Baseball

BY Fansided and Jackson Bruce/FanSided via Call to the Pen • June 30, 2017

Major League Baseball has some classic uniforms. They also have some bad ones. Here are the five worst uniforms in MLB right now.

Major League Baseball has had its share of bad uniforms in its history. The White Sox wearing shorts in the 70s, the atrocious Tampa Bay Devil Rays inaugural uniforms, the all-red Cleveland Indians uniforms of the 70s and all of the “Turn Ahead the Clock” jerseys from 1999. While the jerseys today aren’t as bad as the ones of yesteryear, there are still a few that turn heads for the wrong reasons.

The uniforms in Major League Baseball may not have as many monstrosities as other leagues (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Stars and any NBA uniform with sleeves). With that said, there are still a few that aren’t up to the standard that teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs have set.

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5. Texas Rangers Red Alternate Uniforms

The Texas Rangers decided red was a great option for their alternate uniforms, which is pretty bold. The Red Sox, Reds and Angels have pulled it off, but that doesn’t mean the Rangers can. In the Rangers’ case, they look more like the Cleveland Indians of the 70s. Boog Powell once complained about the Indians’ red uniforms by saying he looked like a giant Bloody Mary. These Rangers uniforms aren’t far off.

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4. Arizona Diamondbacks Road Alternate Uniforms

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had some classic uniforms in the past with their purple and teal duds. This uniform is not pretty. The D-Backs decided they wanted to go halfway back to their original color scheme by bringing back teal to go with their red and black. While those colors don’t mesh well together, what makes it worse is they look like someone colored on them with charcoal. The gray looks more like a mining accident than anything. While these are pretty bad, the Diamondbacks aren’t done on this list yet.

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3. Washington Nationals Home Uniforms

The Washington Nationals are the latest in a line of baseball teams in the nation’s capital. While the Nationals have a classic color scheme, their home uniforms are kind of boring. While blandness is a reason, it is not the only reason they are on this list. While baseball doesn’t do jersey advertising, it seems as if the Nationals teamed up with Walgreens and came up with these. With the combination of just having a “W” on their jersey, and that “W” looking like it came from Walgreens, the Nationals deserve this spot on this list.

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2. Miami Marlins Orange Alternate Uniforms

When they were the Florida Marlins, the Fish were on the 90s teal bandwagon. They rocked the same logo for nearly 20 years. When they became the Miami Marlins, they added this bold orange look to their repertoire. It is an eyesore. They look like they are going hunting, but they are in a place where fishing is more relevant. The white pants that go with it seem out of place with such a bright top. Overall, it seems off but it is not as bad as the last one on the list.

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1. Arizona Diamondbacks Home Alternate Uniforms

The Diamondbacks not only get the number four spot, but they also earned the top spot. Their white, teal and red alternate jerseys make them look like a tube of Aquafresh toothpaste. Again, the teal and red do not go well together. Instead of meshing the two eras of Diamondbacks uniforms, they should have gone away from the red and gone back to purple and teal. The purple and teal combination was a modern classic. Bringing back the teal with the red does it no justice and looks awful.

Reactions to this list? Any other uniforms that deserve a dishonorable mention? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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