Mets Santa Noah Syndergaard delivers presents to children

BY Fansided and Michelle Ioannou/FanSided via Rising Apple • December 13, 2016

The Mets held their annual holiday party on Tuesday.

This year, Noah Syndergaard debuted in blue as a 6’6″ Santa Claus. If only instead of the white piping on his costume he had orange piping, but alas I guess I can’t get picky (but if you’re reading this, Mets, you’re welcome for the idea for next year).

Anyways, what’s Santa without his elves? Well, that’s where Jose Reyes and Brandon Nimmo come in. They played Santa Noah’s elves.

If you follow Reyes on Snapchat you could see that he was having a grand ‘ole time with this. And then of course we all know how great Nimmo is. He was a perfect fit as an elf.

Also, before I go on, let me address the Mets Santa Claus curse for a hot second. If anyone can beat it, it’s Syndergaard. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Last year Steven Matz played the Mets’ Santa and we know how his season went blah blah but let’s stop this here and focus on something more important, what Syndergaard said he wants for Christmas:

The Mets hold this holiday party annually at Citi Field for Queens-area schoolchildren. As a former Queens-area schoolchild, I am quite jealous I never got to go, but I obviously love that the Mets host this event.

In case you were actually doing work today instead of stalking social media to see pictures of all this, don’t worry, here’s a quick gist.

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