Former Los Angeles Angels Rod Carew Undergoing Surgery

BY Fansided and Vincent Page/FanSided via Halo Hangout • December 16, 2016

The Los Angeles Angels former All-Star Rod Carew underwent transplant surgery on his heart and kidney on Thursday. Carew has already dealt with heart problems, so this is nothing new for the former Angels great.

In September of 2015, Los Angeles Angels Rod Carew suffered a heart attack while golfing and described the experience by saying, “I was dead, and they brought me back to life.” He recovered well from the following surgery, even appearing at ballparks and speaking about his experience to fans.

Carew played seven years with the Los Angeles Angels, six of which he spent as an All-Star.  He was perhaps the most consistent player on the Angels throughout his tenure. Carew posted a .314 average in his career with the Halos. His best season came in 1983 when he hit a Halo-career high of .339. The Angels won two American League West titles with Carew on the team, in 1979 and 1982.

Carew, who’s number 29 was retired by both the Twins and Los Angeles Angels, underwent surgery for a heart and kidney transplant on Thursday. He had been living with a left ventricular assist device since his heart attack last year.

This helped his pacemaker control his heartbeat. Carew has been regaining his health in preparation for his transplant surgery, while also maintaining his role in the MLB. He continued his advisory role for both the Twins and Angels. He has also been able to attend the Hall of Fame weekend events over the past year.

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    Carew has been working with the American Heart Association since his attack. He traveled the country over the past year to raise awareness about heart disease prevention. While the machine in his heart allowed him to do this, he has been in the hospital for some time now.

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    Doctors recommended a heart transplant. This allows him to possibly make a full recovery, instead of needing assistance for his heart to beat for the rest of his life.

    Carew is in the hearts and thoughts of both Halo Nation and the Twins Country.

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