Corey Dickerson might be the best MLB hitter you've never heard of

April 20, 2015

When you think of great hitters currently with the Rockies, Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez, Justin Morneau and perhaps Nolan Arenado come to mind. Corey Dickerson might be better than all of them though. He hit .312 last season -- just 7 points lower than teammate and NL batting champ Justin Morneau -- but was 24 plate appearances shy of qualifying for consideration among the NL leaders.


Scott Miller of Bleacher Report notes Dickerson's meticulous tendency to clean his bat with rubbing alcohol every day. He also recounts how the left-hander used to practice hitting with all sorts of objects when he was a kid. In addition to wiffle balls, he would hit berries with switches and ping pong balls with broomsticks. Recently, Dickerson even had his girlfriend throw him unpopped popcorn kernels.


(h/t Bleacher Report)