Chicago Cubs: If you're a World Series champion, why complain?

BY Fansided and David Miniel/FanSided via Cubbies Crib • December 17, 2016

The Chicago Cubs have been busy trying to figure out which moves they want to make next. However, one former player put their skipper in the spotlight for misusing him.

Now, if you missed it, expert Nicholas Blazek covered former Chicago Cubs‘ closer, Aroldis Chapman calling out Joe Maddon. For Joe, this isn’t much of a surprise. He is always going to have someone questioning his methods.

Either way, the Cubs are World Series champions so whatever he decided to do throughout the postseason, paid off. So what’s the big deal? Yes, I completely understand that we have freedom of speech.

Something very important to anyone who represents this country. But what I don’t understand is why would you complain after winning a championship?

    Here is how I see it. The fact that you were still on this roster, to begin with, should be something that you are or were grateful for. Guys such as Tommy La Stella and Matt Szczur are excellent players but watched from the dugout.

    And before we move on, yes, this is targeted at Aroldis Chapman and Miguel Montero. Two men pictured above the article itself.

    As for Aroldis, that was pretty much a tough pill to swallow. Considering his history away from the field, I’m sure he’d understand why I’m saying this.

    Rolled The Dice

    He took responsibility for his actions, accepted the punishment and missed some games. Then he went from a non-contender to the best team in all of professional baseball. A team better than any other he has been a part of.

    Bringing him over to the North Side, like I said, was a difficult decision. A business decision that required the Chicago Cubs to release a statement. But in the end, Chapman got the job done and allowed us Cubs’ fans, to live our dreams.

    Chapman is back in the Bronx and wants to call Maddon out. After rolling the dice and skipping Andrew Miller, the Cubs acquired Chapman, instead. Someone who wasn’t happy with how he was handled.

    Here’s the thing, Ace. Maddon had a handful of guys, who were here long before you, watching from the bullpen. Guys such as Travis Wood, Trevor Cahill, Justin Grimm, Pedro Strop, Hector Rondon, not participating in a few games.

    Why? Because Maddon trusted the Cuban Flamethrower with lead after lead. Enjoy your first championship ring in New York, bud.

    As far as Montero is concerned, he played a huge part in the Cubs winning as well. His grand slam in Game 1 of the LCS over the Dodgers and the RBI single in Game 7. Two of the biggest hits in Cubs’ history, helped keep momentum in the back pocket of his team.

    Miggy has been a valuable veteran to this ballclub, it’s just a shame he didn’t see that when he made his comments about playing time. But what can you do? Hopefully, he’ll have a much more positive outlook on how he was handled at the end of the 2017 campaign.

    Only time will tell.

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