Cabrera vs. Cabrera: Melky jukes Miggy in funny play at first base (VIDEO)

January 23, 2017

It was a showdown of Cabrera's during Thursday's Tigers-White Sox game and it did not disappoint.

It wasn't the most athletic play, but it was surely entertaining to see White Sox outfielder Melky Cabrera juke his way around Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera in the fourth inning at US Cellular Field.

Melky hit a grounder to second baseman Ian Kinsler, who made a bad throw to first, taking Miggy off the bag. When Miggy tried to finish the play, Melky juked around him, sliding into first to avoid the tag.


Kinsler was charged with an error and Melky went on to score off a base hit by Avisail Garcia. But in the end, the lone run didn't factor in to the outcome of the game, as the Tigers went on to win, 4-1.

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