Kentucky Basketball: The Yankees of college basketball?

Kentucky Basketball: The Yankees of college basketball?

Published Jun. 15, 2015 10:52 a.m. ET

The similarities are undeniable.

Sure, the Wildcats have just eight championships while the Bronx Bombers have more than three times that. But A Sea of Blue argues that John Calipari is building an empire in Lexington very similar to what the Yankees have done in the past. An excerpt from the column:

"The Yankees own 27 championships. Kentucky’s 8 championships justify the Yankees of College Basketball nickname. Every evil sports empire possesses the ability to reload talent immediately. What Calipari is doing appears to be working. The Wildcats' ability to consistently build one-and-done dream teams rivals the Yankees front office. Now that’s impressive, can you imagine how talented the Wildcats would be if they were allowed to spend money?"

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(h/t Sea of Blue)