George Washington makes the tourney, gets bumped off the T-shirt

BY foxsports • March 17, 2014

George Washington made the NCAA tournament, but apparently the school was on the wrong side of the bubble when it came time for the NCAA to release its 2014 Big Dance T-shirt.

Yep, that's a Georgetown Hoyas "G" logo in the spot where the George Washington Colonials' "GW" logo should be.

To be fair, George Washington and Georgetown are in relatively close proximity to each other. And, yes, they do both have a "G" in their logos. And, yes, the Georgetown Hoyas are a traditional college hoops power. And, yes, historically they have been mainstays of the NCAA tournament.

But not this year. Surely the NCAA oughta be able to keep better track of stuff like this.

(Credit to @adamkels for pointing out the error.)

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