Clarence Seedorf, Alexi Lalas on Croatia’s 2-1 semi-final win over England | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Today

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Clarence Seedorf, Alexi Lalas, Kelly Smith, and Rob Stone discuss Croatia's 2-1 win over England at extra time which has sent Croatia to their first ever FIFA World Cup™ Final, where they will take on France. England has been eliminated and will face Belgium in the third place match.

- Kelly, I know this hurts for you as well. But in the end, you can see as well that Croatia are the better team on the day.

- You can see Harry, the emotional toll on his face. He looked like he was going to cry. But you know, disappointed as a nation, as an English female. But you have to have full admiration for Croatia. They've got something special. The fitness levels were unreal.

I thought the 60 minute mark of this game, they would have tired. They would have been emotionally fatigued. But they just seemed to get stronger and stronger. And Modric, just still taking control of the game, late, late, late on. And it was fantastic to watch, because this team has done wonders. And it's just fantastic to see.

ANCHOR 1: Talk about the generation of 20 years ago, Clarence for Croatia. This generation surpassing it now.

ANCHOR 3: Yeah, I mean, we always need to go back where everything started for this whole nation. Probably, they were kids of parents that went to war. So that's why also have that mentality, that fighting spirit within them.

And then that team in '98 has inspired this generation, coming all the way to semifinals. And then, these guys are now pulling something off that was a big dream for them. And who knows where it will end?

ANCHOR 1: It's a rematch of the 1998 semifinal. France and Croatia, this time in the final. Mario Mandzukic, the big man picked up quite a teammate yesterday for his club side in Ronaldo, and now he gets this type of goal.

- Yeah, and we take a look at this goal and it's about moments. You've got two really evenly matched teams, and it's going to be fatigue going on mentally. And you're just going to switch off. You take a look at him right there, you can see him there. He's already putting his head down for a second.

And then just quickly turns on and says, all right look, there's an opportunity here. I smell this. And just sneaks in behind. And puts it by. And both of the goals that England lead up are just moments where you don't let somebody know somebody is coming. You let somebody come across.

ANCHOR 3: And Alexi, also, you said the guy [INAUDIBLE], they switched off. But even Paris' could just jump alone. So it was just a whole--

ANCHOR 4: Gave them a push from behind, but--

- Yeah, the whole line was just relaxed a little bit too much.

ANCHOR 1: Big picture, Lex I'll start with you for England. They still have a third place game, but for intents and purposes, this tournament is over for them with what they accomplished. What is it that they accomplished that they take back home you think? Well I think this is truly a new England team. In the way that they play, in the way that they think about themselves, and the way that we think about them. And while it may not be coming home, this team is coming home winners.

They have ultimately changed the culture, and they have changed the perception, and they've changed the future. And not just the perception externally about how we see them, but how do they see themselves. This is a wonderfully young team, an attractive team, an evolving team with a wonderful coach here.

Their youth systems are providing benefits, so there is something coming along in the pipeline, too. This is a fun team to watch going forward. We This is not the last time we are going to see. And they've done a wonderful job for their country and for their sport.

ANCHOR 4: This generation, just getting going.

- Yeah, and that they found a new found fan base. Because in England, the shirt was too heavy for the players to wear. And they've come out and they've shown that to wear those three lines on your shirt is a very proud moment. And all the fans in England and now going to support the team moving forward. Because the fans weren't coming out to games.

- No, the expectations were tempered, coming into this tournament. There was not this great swell of fan support until they started making noise. And started getting that belief back home. The images we got from London throughout this tournament are some of our favorite moments that we will cherish. But in the end, England not enough in the semifinal.

Croatia are the better team on the day. England has Belgium, Saturday in the third place game. But it's Croatia, set to take on France in Sunday's final. Coming here in Moscow. Still plenty more reacts from Luzhniki Stadium on the back side. You keep celebrating, Croatia. You deserve it.