Jump on the Wagen: Alexi Lalas is jumping on the beers and flares Wagen

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Alexi Lalas and Rob Stone talk 2018 FIFA World Cup™. Hear their thoughts on the celebrations during today's match.

ROB STONE: We echo as well. Time now to jump on the wagon, presented by our great partner at Volkswagen Lex.

ALEXI LALAS: I'm jumping on the beer toss wagon. We've seen it time and time again in this tournament. It's those wonderful scenes where people throw that sweet nectar up.


ALEXI LALAS: I prefer to drink mine. I know you do, too. But in that moment, to have that type of geyser and that type of explosion and eruption, I get it. I get it. You want to be there. And you want to be throwing a beer.

ROB STONE: That's so good. And it's not just for England. I saw it in Zagreb tonight as well.

ALEXI LALAS: Everyone.

ROB STONE: They have flares with the beers.