Why England will sneak in to the FIFA World Cup™ final

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Ian Joy tells you why England will defeat Croatia and advance to the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ final

IAN JOY: England to sneak into the World Cup final. This match preview is powered by Slack.

Let's face it, it's another mouthwatering semifinal to look forward to, England against Croatia. Croatia have exhausted themselves to get to the semifinal and face the three lions, going all the way through extra time [INAUDIBLE] penalty kicks in the round of 16 against Denmark, and then all the way through extra time [INAUDIBLE] penalty kicks against the host nation Russia. But they made it, and this is a very good Croatian side.

I do worry, however, that there will be some tired legs amongst the ranks. Modric looking a little tired, Mandzukic, tired, Rebic, tired. I think the three lions with their youthful exuberance and the way that they've performed against Sweden, it was an easy performance where they just coasted through the majority of that match. Those fresh legs and that inexperience will prove to be valuable for the three lions. Again I'm going for Harry Kane, again I'm going for England to sneak past Croatia 1-0.