Jump on the Wagen: Rob is staying on Belgium’s wagon

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Jump on the Wagen: Rob is staying on Belgium's wagen

- So the semifinals are upon us. A lot of people are going to be jumping on somebody's bandwagon. Not this guy. Before the tournament, I was on Belgium's bandwagon. You asked me a couple of days ago whose bandwagon I was on? Belgium. Whose bandwagon am I still on? Belgium. Ton of reasons why.

Number one-- Romelu Lukaku. Four goals. But the things he's doing off the ball-- absolutely mesmerizing and in a game-changing type activity, as are De Bruyne with that golden strike, Thibaut Courtois in net, the backline. They are so solid up the spine, back to front.

There is no reason in the world for anybody to get off the Belgian bandwagon. Anybody who wants to join, come along. But space is now limited on the Belgian bandwagon.