Jump on the Wagen: Alexi Lalas is on Antwerp’s Wagen

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Alexi Lalas thinks that jumping on the Wagen in Antwerp is well deserved.

ROB STONE: Time now for Jump on the Wagen, presented by Volkswagen. Do it.


ROB STONE: Do it, yeah.

ALEXI LALAS: I am jumping on the Antwerp wagon. It is going off, as--

I don't think that we can say that anymore, but it is still. It is going off. It is live.

Look at that! Let me hear you make some noise, Antwerp. Who doesn't want to be there?

Rob, come on. Let's get on a plane right now. Go there, have a good night, come right back.

They can feel it. I can feel it right here. Feel the bass?

Beer flying all over the place. Antwerp, the place to be right now.

ROB STONE: You're on their wagon.


ROB STONE: I'm on the Belgian wagon. Man, do they look good! Belgium, France is going to be a blast.