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When people think about Brazil, they think of Soccer and Samba The connection between soccer and samba is rooted in the unlimited passion Brazil fans are known for, especially during the #WorldCup Check out Home Turf: Connected Spirits: Samba e A Seleção Brought to you by Verizon #sponsored

MAN: Samba!


NUBIA: When people think about Brazil, they think of two things; soccer and Samba. They're our two biggest export.


NUBIA: I was born in Brazil. We moved to Australia trying to have a better life. And because I grew up dancing my whole life, I always had this vision of New York and a place that I would love to move to. There's definitely a huge Brazilian community in New York. Once you reach a Brazilian community, it's just like you're in Brazil.

In Brazil, the banks are closed when there's a Brazil game. You got to stop work. We've got to be focused. You need to take the whole day off. We're all day, like, screaming, upset, angry, excited. All the emotions, everyone's feeling it together.

Soccer is our thing. Like, that's our sport. We're good at that. So we need to show the world that this we can handle.


NUBIA: I talk to my parents every day, especially now, because it's World Cup. If I'm watching a game, I'm usually on the phone with my parents watching it.

- Brazil! Brazil!


NUBIA: When I first moved to New York, I naturally just started dancing again. And I was doing shows for all different companies, but I didn't feel the sense of family or union. The first six months was hard because I didn't have family. I was trying to make new friends. I felt so alone.

NUBIA: I was like, I should just start my own company and make what I want. I want a little Samba family, then I'm going to do that. Five, six, seven, eight. Left, left, step, change. [INAUDIBLE].


NUBIA: The passion behind Samba is the same passion when you're watching soccer or playing soccer. It has this oomph, like this energy, that beat. You know, that African influence. You know what? It's almost like they're dancing. That's what it is. They're dancing on the field, and that to me, like how fast they go and how quick, and then they do all this beautiful footwork and movements, that's something that I connect to. I see that connection. And oh, I love watching that.

I love the fact that New York is made up of all different cultures, because then you can mesh and meet all these different people. And you can learn so much from different cultures. And I think that's the beauty of Samba. It makes everyone around the world. It doesn't matter where you're from.