Sweden breaks through vs. Switzerland on a deflection in the box

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What a goal! Sponsored by adidas.

JOHN STRONG: Toivonen has support, back in for Emil Forsberg. Emil Forsberg deflected shot and in! Sweden have scored the opening goal! We'll see who gets credit, if it's Forsberg or it's an own goal. But either way, Sweden are in front.

STU HOLDEN: Well, we've been crying out for Emil Forsberg to take control of this game for Sweden. It's the first time Augustinsson, the left back, has gotten into the attack. As it comes in to Forsberg here, Toivonen pulls out wide. And you'll see the run late. That opens up this space, then, for Forsberg to come centrally. Just watch the little drop of the shoulder as this comes across his body. See you later.

Hits it and it comes off the foot of Akanji in the end. And Sommer, that would've went right into his arms. But if you don't shoot in these situations, that doesn't happen. It opens up-- he has a half yard of space which he creates by himself. And the ball's in the back of the net, and Sweden lead here in St. Petersburg.