Alexi Lalas: Philippe Coutinho is ‘really the star of this team’ | 2018 FIFA World Cup™

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Alexi Lalas, Guus Hiddink, Kelly Smith and Rob Stone discuss Philippe Coutinho's performance for Brazil against Serbia.

- The guy who's been must see TV for Brazil-- yes, Neymar has been fantastic. But it's the guy in the midfield that continues to really pull the strings and make things happen.

- Yeah, Coutinho has been wonderful for this team. The way that he has played, the impact that he has made, game in and game out, really the star of this team right now, with all due respect to Neymar. And that certainly could change. But it's great, actually, for Neymar that this guy is doing what he's doing. We see him time and time again show up deep because Gus has been talking all day about having Neymar in a much more advanced position, which is right and important.

But you've got to have somebody be able to pick up the ball. And look at the vision that he has with this ball down the middle and the patience, skill-- right into the path Paulinho finishes it off. But that's the type of thing, then when you add it to what Neymar is doing, now you're cooking.

- He is less on the podium as Neymar, but he's very effective. He has a lot of strength in his passes. But he's not showing off. You don't see him. Then all of a sudden he is there where he must be. First goal, first game, and now important in the assist to the first.