Why Sweden will knock Mexico out of the FIFA World Cup™

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Ian Joy tells you why Sweden will knock Mexico out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

IAN JOY: Mexico to slip up against Sweden. Here's why. This match preview is powered by Slack.

The Mexican side have it in their hands. Win and you top the group. You qualify to the knockout stages with ease. The way the Mexican fans have engulfed the World Cup has been incredible. They really has become the 12th man for the team, and pushed, and motivated, and given a passion that few have ever seen before at the World Cup. But even on six points, Javier Hernandez and company need to be very careful. All the celebrating, all the smiles and Instagram photos, you got to watch out because Sweden are the opponents in match day 3. And Sweden have a very big chance if they win against Mexico to qualify to the knockout stages.

Here's what I think will happen. Germany will win their game against South Korea, therefore moving them on to six points. Sweden will beat Mexico by 2 goals to 0, therefore putting the Mexican side out of the World Cup.