Jump on the Wagen: Alexi Lalas is jumping on the Belgium wagen

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Alexi Lalas: "(Belgium) is a wagon that is moving and moving fast."

ANNOUNCER: Those back-to-back doubles have him now level with Ronaldo atop the goal-scoring charts here in Russia this summer. All right. Time now for Jump On The Wagen, presented by Volkswagen. Rob Stone. [INAUDIBLE] Clarence Seedorf, Alexi Lalas back here with you. So are we jumping on the Belgian wagon right now?

- Psh, you bet. Are you kidding me? This is a wagon that is moving. And it is moving fast. It is beautiful. It is comprehensive. And it gets you where you're going in a way that you enjoy it. So I'm all about this Belgium team right now. Not just Lukaku, but let's be honest. You've got a goal scorer like that-- he is everything that we've touted him to be, and he keeps performing time and time again. This is wonderful to see. And he's got a surrounding cast that understands exactly how to play him. And he's feeling it, and he's getting better and better. This wagon's going faster and faster and faster.