Jump on the Wagen: Alexi Lalas is jumping on Croatia’s bandwagon

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Alexi Lalas explains why is ready to jump on Croatia's Wagen after Thursday's action in the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

- It's time now for Jump on the Wagon presented by Volkswagon. All right, I am jumping on a very shiny, and pretty, and awesome wagon. Yes, Croatia. They were wonderful against Argentina. They controlled the game-- incredible talent, and right now there's a lot of people, including this one right now, that's riding on that wagon and are saying, these guys are for real.

This is a team that could win this cup. After that game against Argentina, they are sitting pretty. Luka Modric, Rakitic, Mario Mandzukic-- this is a team that all over the field has strength, and quality, and talent, and they are feeling it after beating Argentina tonight 3-0. This is a good wagon to be on.