Croatia takes a 2-0 lead over Argentina on a beautiful goal

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What a goal!

ANNOUNCER 1: Modric wants into the middle. Mandzukic in front of him. Modric looking for space. Modric gets it away, and he scores!

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho!

ANNOUNCER 1: Croatia can punch their ticket to the knockout round. It is a dagger in the heart of Argentina.

ANNOUNCER: A delightful dagger from Luka Modric. A touch of class here. And Croatia have earned everything they have gotten in this game. Good buildup. They pinned Argentina deep in their own end. Patience here that finds Luka Modric at the top of the box. He is looking for a little combination right now. Then goes with himself. Wraps his foot around it. Caballero sees it late, but this is a thing of beauty. Luka Modric. Croatia's midfield has absolutely run over Argentina today. And he caps it off with an absolute pearler.