Jump on the Wagen: Clarence Seedorf has the honors on Wednesday

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Clarence Seedorf had the honors to jump on someone’s wagen, and it sounds like as long as he’s not running, he’s on board!Sponsored by Volkswagen

[MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: "Jump on the Wagen," presented by our good friends at Volkswagen. Clarence, you get the honors tonight. Whose wagon you jumping on?

- Well, I want to know the truth about Southgate's story. I never heard about somebody running, dislocating his arm. I mean, did a tree tackle him or something? What happened? What happened?

- Cold, man. Cold. Martin, you've never been injured running, have you?

- No. Because I've never run.

MAN: Oh. [CHUCKLING] Ba, ding ding, ding. I love it.