Why Uruguay will take care of Saudi Arabia

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Ian Joy tells you why Uruguay will win easily over Saudi Arabia

IAN JOY: This match preview is powered by Slack. Uruguay left it late in game one, but they got the victory. They got the three points. Yes, Suárez and Cavani were frustrated throughout the course of that match, but they're still a dangerous site. And they created enough chances to get more goals. This time around against Saudi Arabia, who were humiliated against Russia.

I think they get their chances, and there's a big possibility we could be looking at a World Cup record, maybe even double figures. Cavani, of course, wants his chances. Suárez was frustrated and at times showed his aggression on even his own teammates. He wants more chances in front of goal.

This time against Saudi Arabia I believe it's gonna be a training ground game. Chances galore for Uruguay. And I'm gonna to go for a 4-nil victory. Cavani and Suárez to score.