Alexi Lalas on Russia: ‘Now they’ve got a chance to win the group.’ | FIFA World Cup™ Today

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Alexi Lalas, Clarence Seedorf, Guus Hiddink, and Rob Stone discuss Russia's 3-1 win against Egypt leading to Russia's qualification to the round of 16, and Egypt's elimination from the FIFA World Cup.

- He said something about the importance of controlling the emotions and everything and the whole environment. Brazil entering in the last World Cup, huge expectations. Now, low expectations, they came in tournament and everything they will achieve is like, oh, thank you, [INAUDIBLE], you know? It's-- I think it's fantastic.

- Cherchesov let the guys enjoy the win on the opening night. You wonder how much he's going to let them enjoy this one. Because now all of a sudden--

- He will. He will.

- This is looking like at least a four game tournament for Russia.

- He's relaxed. I know, but he-- he's walking around. He enjoys himself. You see him enjoy and he let the players go tonight.

- But they got a chance to win the group and set yourself up. I mean, if there's an opportunity, even to gain an advantage in that next round that you're going to in that third game making sure that they do the business there. That could--

- I'm not sure they want that. Because all the big teams are probably getting seconds.

- Well, we'll see. We still got games. We still got games.

- A lot of games--