Here’s why South Korea and Sweden will end in a draw

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Ian Joy tells you why South Korea and Sweden will end in a draw

- South Korea and Sweden to both take a point, here's why. This month's preview is powered by Slack.

All the talk right now in the Swedish Comp and around the Swedish Comp. is no Zlatan, no party for Sweden. Zlatan is not there, but the party still goes on. Sweden are a very good side, and they actually qualified through the knockout stage against Italy. That was a result that shocked the entire soccer world, knocking out Italy. So Sweden must have a good squad, right? They do. They possess wonderful players, but not necessarily big names.

If there's one player that sticks out to me, it's Emil Forsberg, a player who's been linked with many clubs around the top five leagues in Europe. He's a player who's playing for RB Leipzig right now in the Bundesliga. He's a play-maker, a creator, but not necessarily been on form this campaign in the Bundesliga. He needs to be at his best against South Korea to make it happen for Sweden.

South Korea are a side of team spirit. I think they possess a really talented squad of players, but not one big name sticks out to me. So I'm saying that this is not a high scoring game and it's a draw.