90′ in 90″ Roma vs. Barcelona | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of action between Roma and Barcelona in just 90 seconds.

- Roma have to be concerned today, Tony, with not only scoring goals, as you've mentioned before, but you can't concede to Barcelona. Otherwise your job just became that much more of a challenge.

- Good job by Roma in transition.

- Over the top. They want Dzeko. There's the first for Roma! It is Messi with a strike! And he put it over. And Roma fans breathe a sigh of relief. Just about dead center for Messi. Messi with a strike! And he put it almost in the same spot as his other free kick. Dzeko. A chance for Dzeko! He goes down! The referee's not calling that either! I think he is now! De Rossi. 2-0! Getting it back. Fazio. Puts one up there! Nice ball Messi. Messi, the shot! Right at Alisson. There was a chance to kill the game. Pulls it back, Florenzi curls it. Back post area off the post!

- What a save.

- Did he get it?

- Yeah. I think he did.

- Oh, I thought it was off the post.

- Yes it was.

- Yeah, he got it.

- [INAUDIBLE] and good footwork to get across. Look, he's at the near post.

- [INAUDIBLE] corner. [INAUDIBLE] Go! They've taken a 3-0 lead!

- It was Manolas.

- Yeah, looked like Manolas. And we talked about that near post, how vulnerable Barcelona had been the entire game.

- It's too far. Oh, Pique is going for it. Alisson set out to make the play. He's out of goal! Long chip over. That's going to do it. Roma will go to the semi finals!

- Just amazing pictures here JP.