Watch Leg 2 between Roma and Barcelona on Facebook for free

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Find out where to watch Lionel Messi and Barcelona take on Roma for free this Tuesday.

NARRATOR: You want to see Lionel Messi in the Champions League quarter finals for free on your cell phone?

ANNOUNCER: Lionel Messi accelerates it for a second time tonight! Nutmegs Thibaut Courtois!

NARRATOR: Yeah, I thought so. This Tuesday, we've got Roma versus Barcelona live on Facebook. Barcelona take a 4-1 aggregate lead to Rome, but Roma did get an important away goal, so fear not Roma fans. Your squad still has a chance. Well, if they stop gifting Barcelona on goals, they've got a chance. To find us, simply search Fox Sports Champions League and click like on our show page, then on Tuesday at 2:30 Eastern, either click the alert or click into that watch tab on your phone and voila. Lionel Messi, Barcelona, Roma, UEFA Champions League quarter finals all on your cell phone for free for the last time this season. You're not going to want to miss it.