United States vs. Mexico | 2018 Women’s International Friendly Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between the United States and Mexico.

- With the game's first goal, here are the highlights.

- And the US just pounced on Mexico early on in this match. It's a situation where Mexico's trying to get out of their end. They can't. Deanna Davidson does so well to step up and make that interception a pass. Alex Morgan pulling off that back line is the one who releases Rapinoe And then Piu runs with her. That's the important piece of this. Not just the initial run. It's players joining in. It allows that little slip pass to ultimately be almost a tap in for Mallory Piu to get them going 1-0.

- It's the only goal in the entire first half of play, despite a huge edge in possession for the US. Take you to action further on in the 36th minute.

- And Mexico actually had two looks in the first half. This was one of them. Naeher just dives the wrong way. That ball skips right by her, almost curls into the back net. If anyone in Mexico had bitten on that ball, they would have put that away and it'd have been 1-1 going into half. But then the US just came out so incredibly strong. Alex Morgan, in particular, I think found a lot of joy in this second half with those running behind. She earns the penalty. She steps up. So often, players that earn the penalty don't take it. She does. She slots at home. As she said, it was her first PK she scored for the US. And then almost on a cookie cut-- carbon copy run, she comes inside out on Annia Mejia and then slots that one by Henninger. That ball in by Horan, perfectly weighted, perfectly slotted in for Morgan so she doesn't have to take a touch. It can get hit that far post window.

- This one topped it off. Icing on the cake, if you will, for Carli Lloyd.

- And this was just side to side action. It was a patient attack. This ball skips over the back line. There's three runners in the box that all attract the attention of the Mexican defenders. Horan has time and space to actually trap this ball, bring it down, get her head up, re-serve it into the slotted run. Nice little bender. Lloyd does so well to just hold off there and not get past that near post. First touch of the match, back of the net for Lloyd.

- Mexico still showed some fight, though.

- And so many times, they say the quicker you play the ball down the field, the quicker comes back at you. And this happened in this situation for the US. Naeher plays this ball up. And it's really the first ball that's won by Mexico and the second. So two touches brings Katy Johnson in behind just sitting between those center backs. And then she lofts it over Naeher, who was caught in no man's land a couple times today.

- So this woman ends up 4-1. But the same two teams meet again on Sunday. What are we expecting from both of them?

- I think they're both going to try to approach the match in a way that will develop them going forward, heading into qualifying for Mexico, trying to keep it tighter. And for the US, I just, again, I want to see them break teams down more in the final third.