Seattle Sounders FC vs. Montreal Impact | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Seattle Sounders FC and Montreal Impact.

[WHISTLE BLOWING] ANNOUNCER 1: The opening kick off of the first half is brought to you by Youtube TV, the official streaming partner of Sounders FC.

ANNOUNCER 2: He wasn't the man at the right time, and now an opportunity to put things right with Montreal.

ANNOUNCER 1: Free kick in a good position, centrally here for Montreal. Over the wall, and that is a wonderful save from Stefan Frei. Super goalkeeping.

ANNOUNCER 2: You know, it's a good one-handed save. It's a good free kick. Make it every time.

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] gets underneath the Montreal man on their far side, and a little bit of a push between both players now. And Lovitz was the man involved, and maybe signalling towards the referee he wanted a card given. And he is going to go to the pocket, and he is producing the Red Card.

ANNOUNCER 2: That is the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen in professional soccer.

ANNOUNCER 3: He's doing very well defensively, keeping very, very compact. Stepping up and winning balls, and that, Marshall is just there. And then on the other side, going forward, just playing balls in behind.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now, they're back in defending, and [INAUDIBLE]. Pulls it back, and the opening goal for Montreal--

ANNOUNCER 3: Oh, never mind.


ANNOUNCER 2: Steve, unfortunately you got the commentator's curse this time.

ANNOUNCER 1: Piette involved Vargas with the finish.

ANNOUNCER 2: He cuts it back across to Vargas with just the simplest of finishes.

ANNOUNCER 1: Towards Víctor Cabrera with the defensive header. Lodeiro gets a cross in, and well-defended again. Rod Fanni, and that will be the final action. Montreal hang on late. They played a man up for the second half, they got the goal through Jason Vargas, and they pick up three points on the road, as Sounders fall to a third consecutive defeat. We'll now hand it back over to Michelle to begin the post match show.