UEFA looks into reports of Croatian racism

UEFA is looking into reports that Croatia fans threw a banana at

the pitch and racially abused Italy striker Mario Balotelli at the

European Championship.

UEFA said Friday it is seeking more information about the

incidents, which reportedly happened during the Italy-Croatia match

Thursday in Poznan.

An anti-discrimination group appointed by UEFA to work at Euro

2012 said it has ”categorical” accounts from two monitors that

around 300 people directed monkey chants at Balotelli, who is


”They are both categorical. It was not a boo or something that

could be misinterpreted,” Piara Powar, of Football Against Racism

in Europe (FARE), told The Associated Press.

Balotelli has now been the target of alleged abuse at both Italy

matches at Euro 2012.

UEFA is investigating claims by a Spanish fans’ group that some

Spain followers made monkey chants Balotelli during a Group C match

last Sunday in Gdansk. Balotelli started for Italy against Croatia,

and was replaced in the second half of the 1-1 draw.

”It was fairly consistent throughout the game,” Powar said of

the monkey noises. ”It was at its most intense as he was

substituted and left the field.”

UEFA asked FARE to provide monitors, who speak the language of

both nations, at each Euro 2012 match, and file reports within 24

hours detailing offensive chants, banners and behavior.

”Our Italian observer was very shocked by what was heard,”

Powar said. ”Self-policing worked with the Spanish fans and it

didn’t work with the Croatia fans.”

UEFA will also receive details of far-right flags and symbols

displayed by some Croatia followers, but not the banana incident in

the monitoring reports, Powar said.

Before the tournament, Balotelli said in an interview that he

would want to ”kill” anyone who threw a banana at him. He also

threatened to walk off the pitch if he was racially abused.

UEFA rules make national associations responsible for their

fans’ behavior. Punishments range from warnings and a sliding scale

of fines to points deductions and even expulsion from Euro


Also Friday, the Croatia FA was fined ?25,000 ($31,500) for its

fans’ behavior at an earlier match against Ireland. UEFA said the

sanction was imposed for ”the setting off and throwing of

fireworks and missiles, and a pitch invasion by a supporter.” A

Croatia fan was tackled by stewards after trying to reach coach

Slaven Bilic following the 3-1 win last Sunday in Poznan.

After Croatia led 2-1, Ireland’s kickoff was delayed while smoke

from fireworks cleared at one end of the stadium packed with

Croatia fans.

Italy’s kickoff was also delayed by firework smoke on Thursday

after Croatia equalized in the 1-1 draw. A further UEFA charge is


Bilic said Friday it was ”unbelievable” to see so many fans in


”We were like the home side, it also lifted us and we’d like to

thank them for coming because we felt their presence,” Bilic said.

”Unfortunately, you will always find some individuals that cause

the problems with some fireworks or with some whistles.”

In a separate case Friday, the Italian FA lodged a complaint

with UEFA over Croatia fans whistling when Italy’s national anthem

was played before the match.

Associated Press writer Pan Pylas contributed to this report

from Warka.

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