Neville keen to emulate Giggs

At 37 years old, Giggs is still a key performer for Manchester

United and has committed to at least one more season at Old

Trafford. Neville spent alongside Giggs for United before making

the move to Goodison Park six years ago, and the 34-year-old wants

to emulate his former team-mate. He said: “At my age you tend to

take it one season at a time but I feel as fit as I ever have. I

can go on for at least another two or three seasons. “I look at

someone like Giggsy and he is an inspiration to all of us. “He

looks as fit and quick as ever and is still one of the best players

in the Premier League. “I am trying to follow his example and do

all the right things. I have got one year left on my contract and

when I come back for next season my plan is to be ahead of everyone

else, to be fitter than everyone.” Tottenham attempted to lure

Neville away from the Toffees in January, but the former England

international was not tempted by a move. He added: “It was simple.

Spurs came in with a bid and Everton said ‘no.’ “As captain I was

in a great position, I knew that and love playing for this club.”