Chelsea the side to fear – Terry

The past week has seen the Blues give themselves a glimmer of hope

of retaining their crown, something they can only realistically

achieve if they win all of their remaining games. The champions

began the weekend as the division’s form team, winning six of their

previous seven matches. Leaders United remain heavy favourites to

get over the line, despite stuttering slightly in recent weeks. But

Terry told his club’s official website: “With us doing the double

last year then coming back and getting some good early results, the

other sides certainly fear playing against Chelsea. “But as soon as

you have that slip you can sense it, people don’t fear you as much

as a side. “You can sense it with Man United, they looked

unbeatable and now they’ve dropped a few points, same as Arsenal.

“We’re in a great vein of form, the others not so much, so other

teams do believe they can pick up points against them.”

Vice-captain Frank Lampard added: “We did believe we still had a

chance and we’ve shown a lot of spirit in the last six weeks.

“We’ve fought our way back into it and I’ve a feeling, if we win

all our games, we could win the league this year.”