Aberdeen seeking fresh site

Plans for a 21,000-seat stadium have been shelved after Aberdeen

City Council last week rejected an application for a separate

sports complex, which would have been a training base for the Dons

and a home for Highland League side Cove Rangers.

Without the alternative access route to their proposed new

stadium and car-parking facilities that the Calder Park sports

complex entailed, the club have been forced to seek a new


After a board meeting today, vice-chairman George Yule said:

“The board agreed unanimously that the sensible way forward is for

us to explore all realistic options available and that will include

sitting down with both of the councils, city and shire, to

determine exactly what the current position is in terms of

availability of suitable sites.

“Given the way matters have panned out, we have a significant

amount of work to be undertaken over, I would envisage, the next

four weeks and only after that period, when all the initial due

diligence of the alternative options have been carried out, will

AFC be in a position to form a more definitive view of what the

future is likely to hold for us in regard to stadium re-location


“I can also confirm that since last week’s vote we have received

a number of unsolicited, but nevertheless welcome approaches from

local private landowners wishing to assist the club in its quest

for a new stadium and while I am not in a position to be specific

as to their locations at this point, I can assure our supporters

that each of them will be fully considered on its merits and any

decisions taken will be done in the best interests of AFC, our

staff and our supporters.”