Rex Ryan endorses Donald Trump because of course he does

During a Monday media availability, Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan wanted to stress that he’d merely be introducing Donald Trump at a rally that night, and by no means was that necessarily an endorsement.

He said that just like it was an off-hand retweet and not showing up to a certain place at a predetermined time in a blazer with a Trump lapel pin to roust up voters ahead of the New York primary. However, journalistic standards dictated that we not jump to conclusions, at least until Ryan stepped up to the mic.

Once the applause died down, Ryan blustered his way through a spellbinding anecdote about when Trump owned the Generals, a USFL franchise. Trump considered Walt Michaels’ giving the ball to not-Herschel Walker on the 1-yard line to be a fireable offense, and with the added flourish of Ryan’s double finger guns, it played pretty well. Odds have it the crowd either didn’t know or didn’t care that Trump was kind of responsible for the USFL folding in 1986 because he swayed league owners to have the games moved up from the spring to the fall to compete with the NFL, which obviously didn’t work. 

After pausing for effect, Ryan adjusted his pants, searched the upper deck to be sure he had every eye in the house, and then confirmed what we kind of already knew (emphasis mine):

"We’re all here because we support Donald Trump."

Support. As in "to give assistance to." Synonymous with "aid," "champion," "back," and, oh look, endorse. 

So there you have it. Rex Ryan endorses Donald Trump. Because of course he does.