Kansas City brings home the Lombardi – follow the celebration!

In the eloquent words of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, “You have to fight for your right to Lombaaaaardiiii.”

The Super Bowl parade was back in Kansas City after 50 years, and it was one giant celebration.

Check out the best moments from Wednesday’s championship parade:

From tossing back beers to slinging the football, Mahomes can do it all:

Off the field, the quarterback-tight end connection is still no joke:

Clearly, they were having a good time:

The squad was all there:


The dedication was honestly impressive:

But it was worth it for these fans:

What’s a party without a little dancing?

Go on Mahomes, do your dance:

Looks like they brought home a little more hardware than just the Lombardi:

Kelce might have been rocking the belt, but he credited the win to his teammates:


Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs on a parade well done!