Spring training is here and it’s time to focus on playing baseball

Spring is (nearly) here!

You know what that means?

Dudes are about to start training.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Let’s show the champs some respect.

There it is.

There it really is.

Players have began reporting to spring training and the baseball world is excited to move on from much of the negative press that has surrounded the MLB this offseason.

We’ve got familiar faces in new places…

…and we’ve got dominant aces in new places, too!

Speaking of dominant aces, the Big Unit made an appearance over the weekend:

The Tampa Bay Rays pitchers are having a little fun to begin the weekend, with one our other favorite pastimes:

What in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is going on in Minnesota?

Technology. Smh.

Contrary to popular belief, baseball isn’t all about pitching (except in the postseason).

Whatever that sound is, we think we like it.

This dude arrived in the states in slo-mo:

And an elaborate leg contraption has already raised some eyebrows about what’s going on in the Big Apple:

The Cleveland Indians are already in midseason form.

At least when it comes to social media:

Serious question: have you ever seen anything baseball-related that’s cuter than this?


Not only is love in the air. Fans are everywhere.

And sometimes, love and fans (and fur) come together, all in one.

You know what they say about Texas?

Everything’s quicker.

Something like that.

With the Marlins, there was less focus on baseball and more on being a bachelor.

Apparently, ever since Shakira and J-Lo came to town, moves are aplenty in Miami.

Meanwhile, this reporter isn’t having as much fun in Arizona:

Framing practice has begun in Florida with the Philadelphia Phillies.

That’s some serious skill.

San Diego is normally a warm city, but we’ve got some ice drippin’.

And we can’t ignore the drip from Acuna Jr., coming all the way from the ATL.

We could go all day long, but there’s no need.

Baseball is back and that’s all that matters.