‘Derek Eater’ goes on a crash diet

"Derek Eater," we hardly knew ye.

Spoiling the fun of Yankees haters throughout the Twitterverse, Harold Reynolds has played "MythBusters" with the legend of Derek Eater. The MLB Network analyst on Monday distributed a pic of himself with a svelte Derek Jeter, looking nary a pound over his playing weight of 195.

The photo was posted to the MLB Network’s Twitter feed and was said to be taken Sunday when Reynolds and Jeter had lunch together.

If the New York Post is to be believed, Jeter has been having plenty of extra portions with his lunches of late. The Post gave life to "Derek Eater" on Friday when it plastered that headline over a back-page photo of an apparently chunky Jeter walking in South Beach.

Seemed reasonable enough. The New York Yankees captain is laid up with a broken left ankle. He wouldn’t be the first 38-year-old to turn inactivity into an extra layer of abdominal insulation.

Alas, Reynolds deflated that perception.

So, we’re left with the much less entertaining proposition that the Post simply found an unflattering photo of Jeter, taken at the worst possible angle, and blew it up into the media sensation of the day.

Could have been worse. They could have messed with our image of Minka Kelly.