Watch (at your own risk): Webb Simpson and his caddie bust a move

There are five types of guys when it comes to dancing: 1) The one who really can dance well; 2) The one who thinks he can but can’t; 3) The one who knows he can’t but doesn’t care; 4) The one who will only get out on the dance floor if he’s had a few drinks; and 5) The one who won’t step on a dance floor even if a lady friend or two are pulling him out there.

Judging by this video posted by Michelle Tesori, the wife of Webb Simpson caddie Paul Tesori, it looks like Paul and Webb both fit nicely into the third category — they look like wedding-only dancers. And as such, when the two attended a ceremony over the weekend, they unleashed the "Caddie Dance." For the record (or the future family home videos), Simpson’s on the right.

Now, we’ve never seen this dance before, nor are we anything resembling dance experts … but we think we’ve got the moves figured out (OK, with some help from Michelle’s Vimeo description). First is the grass toss, followed by the bag on the shoulder, then the yardage check, and lastly the club pull.

Not bad, fellas, not bad. Then again, we can’t say it’s great either. You may not be guy No. 1, but at least you’re not guy No. 5.


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