WWE’s Titus O’Neil exemplifies the spirit of Christmas

WWE Superstar Titus O’Neill dishes out plenty of beatings in the ring. In real life, Thaddeus Michael Bullard Sr. gives in different ways.

O’Neil shepherds a program in his home state of Florida called "The Joy of Giving." The organization provides presents to children of families facing financial challenges, reported TBO.com.

Via TBO.com:

"These aren’t just cheap dolls we give away. We give out bicycles, Xbox 360s, flat screens, gift cards. We have dolls, but nice ones. A lot of people don’t realize what giving one toy –€” especially if it is one that a kid really wants –€” can do for a kid," Bullard said. He knows from experience. A Boynton Beach native who spent time as a child in Live Oak, Bullard was conceived when his grandmother’s boyfriend raped her daughter, who was 11 at the time. She was pushed to have an abortion but refused. A child herself, she raised Bullard the best she could. … "Growing up and seeing other kids opening gifts and celebrating Christmas in a completely different way than I did, I sometimes felt isolated and empty," he said.  

This isn’t the first time O’Neil has been a benefactor to those less fortunate. Earlier this year, he treated a group of homeless people to a meal at a restaurant in San Diego. 

There had been an issue with the manager of the eatery, and rather than creating a huge controversy, O’Neil simply brought another group the next day to the restaurant and they enjoyed a meal on him.

Here is that story.