John Cena redefines what it means to be an American in Fourth of July PSA

WWE legend John Cena appeared in a moving Ad Council PSA released on the Fourth of July that examines what it really means to be an American. 

"Picture the average U.S. citizen. Think about it, how old are they? What’s their hair like? How much can they bench? You got one? 

Chances are, the person you’re picturing right now looks a little different than the real average American. There are 319 million U.S. citizens. 51 percent are female, so first off, the average American is a woman. Cool, huh? Is that what you pictured?

54 million are Latino. 40 million senior citizens. 27 million are disabled. 18 million are Asian. That’s more people in the U.S. that play football and baseball combined. 9 million are LGBT, more than the entire amount of people that live in the state of Virginia."

…. Patriotism shouldn’t just be about pride of country. It should be about love. Love beyond age, disability, sexuality, race, religion and any other labels. Because the second any of us judge people based on those labels, we’re not really being patriotic, are we?"

(Thanks to FTW! for sharing this video.)