TNA Impact Wrestling Review: Results and Analysis for December 1

TNA Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory Billy Corgan

TNA Impact Wrestling,

Rosemary and Jade are set to main event in a battle for the Knockout’s Championship in Six Sides of Steel on TNA Impact Wrestling.

The Knockouts are the main event tonight as the vacant Knockout’s Championship is on the line in six sides of steel.  A challenge issued by Rosemary as the fearless Jade accepted.  There is set to be a new Knockout’s Champion and both competitors have their own outlook on a title run.  Will the division Decay or will Gail Kim’s chosen one rise again on TNA Impact Wrestling?

Aron Rex issues an open challenge tonight that is accepted by Moose.  Moose has dominated in his time in TNA and is not the person that Rex wanted to accept his challenge.  Rex, on the other hand, has found ways to keep his Grand Championship.  There have been signs of weakness in Rex’s style and Moose might be the worst opponent for him in the specialty match.  Can Moose finally dethrone the Grand Champion?

The X-Division Championship is on the line as DJ Z battles Team X Gold teammates Mandrews and Braxton Sutter.  The championship is very important to the competitors in TNA and this could be a breaking point for someone.  DJ Z has also been a fighting champion but will two competitors that know him very well be too much for the champion?

Broken Matt Hardy returns to help his partner Jeff Hardy as the DCC has run rough shot over the Hardys.  The DCC has been standing tall and has made their intentions clear about what they want and that is the Tag Team Championships.  Could there be a little ring rust in store for Matt Hardy as Jeff and he defend the Tag Team Titles against the DCC?

What did you miss out on with tonight’s TNA Impact?

TNA Opener

The fans relive the unique feud between the Hardys and the DCC.  We are taken on a journey from the first attack by the DCC to amnesia Matt and finally the rebroken Matt Hardy.

Impact Grand Championship Match
Aron Rex (c) vs Moose

Result: Moose def. Rex via pinfall to win the Impact Grand Championship.

Rex decides to issue an open challenge for the Grand Championship.  Everyone in the arena was thinking that Rex would face Jessie Godderz but surprisingly Moose accepted the challenge.

Aron Rex tried to run away and show off in front of Moose.  He seemed to be taking him lightly and Moose is not the wrestler to put in the back of your mind.  Rex continued to show himself in this match but the very straightforward Moose put him away quickly.  The discus clothesline leaves Rex laying in the middle of the ring sobbing as Moose becomes the new Grand Champion.  The former champion wanted no part of an interview as he had been embarrassed and he issued the challenge while Moose is excited to finally get his chance.

This match definitely caught me off guard considering it was so short.  I was wondering if Rex could, how he would find a way to escape with the championship.  Obviously, he didn’t and it will be interesting to see how the stipulation fits a wrestler like Moose.  With Moose being a hybrid wrestler, the Grand Championship matches should be interested in watching.

The DCC Addresses the Crowd

The DCC send a message directly to the Hardys.  Oddly enough, they still use the voice that they use in their vignettes.  They have been revealed but there is still a level of mystery within the group.  Jeff Hardy comes out to defend his name but still no Matt Hardy.

Hardy talks about how the champions are stronger than the DCC.  There is not much time for Hardy to talk as he is attacked by the DCC after they remind him that he is all alone.  The DCC are standing tall but the lights go out and the DCC’s clock starts to tick.  Matt Hardy appears behind them and takes them out.  Hardy then changes the meaning of DCC to Deletion Coming Cowards to predict that the Hardys will delete the DCC.

A video plays to promote the X-Division Championship match as the Team X Gold teammates try to figure out how the team will fare after the match tonight.  DJ Z battles Mandrews and Braxton Sutter for the X-Division Championship.

TNA X-Division Championship Match
DJ Z (c) vs Mandrews vs Braxton Sutter

Result: DJ Z def. Mandrews and Sutter to retain the TNA X-Division Championship.

Last week, the Team X Gold match had a special stipulation where the winners would get a chance at the X-Division Championship.  DJ Z’s team won which allowed him to only face two competitors instead of three.  This is set to be a fast paced, exciting match but will DJ Z prevail?

The match started off quickly with everyone trying to pin the other.  Mandrews does slow it down as he goes high-flying early.  His momentum is stopped early as DJ Z takes him out outside of the ring.  The match was down to Zema and Braxton Sutter but DJ Z’s knee was still hurting from last week.  Mandrews wants to capitalize but Sutter knows how big the opportunity is.  Z’s adrenaline starts to kick in as the match turns uptempo.  He is stopped by the Flatliner of Sutter but Mandrews decides to try and end the match with his shooting star press.  DJ Z catches Mandrews with a leverage pin to retain his championship.

After the match, Mandrews takes out the knee of DJ Z and is furious that he is not the champion.  This is one of those points where TNA may have booked themselves into a corner with the Sutter, Allie angle.  Braxton Sutter is the more natural heel but Allie is so over that he can’t be a heel.  Luckily, this does create a storyline the X-Division Championship which I have been hoping for all year.

Maria and Laurel Talk to Allie in the Ring

Maria talks about how she is a role model for the fans of TNA but Allie doesn’t appreciate all that she has given her.  Allie is excited that the fans are firmly behind her as her reaction grows every week.  She looks more serious and starting to stand up for herself as the weeks go by.  There is more intensity in her voice and she seems like she will break at any point.  Laurel and Maria continue to pour on the fact that Allie can’t defend herself.  After Maria goes too far, Allie slaps Maria to be attacked by Van Ness.

It was nice to finally see Allie snap and she told the story while doing it.  She continued to become more and more frustrated as the weeks continued.  Her facial expressions were spot on as she wasn’t going to take any more of Maria’s abuse.  It begs the question to when Maria and she will be put in the ring against one another.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
The Hardys (c) vs Bram and Kingston

Result: The Hardys def. Bram and Kingston via pinfall to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

This has been an interesting rivalry but not as intriguing as the one against the Decay.  The mystique of the DCC makes this even more entertaining and Amnesia Matt Hardy has to be factored in.  The DCC have made it clear that they want the Tag Team Championships and the Hardys accepted that challenge.

Matt and Jeff take control of the match early as James Storm waits patiently on the outside of the ring.  The well-oiled machine hasn’t missed a beat while Matt has been away.  For once, the DCC looked outmatched and Matt Hardy’s amnesia hasn’t slowed him down at all.  The numbers game always puts the DCC at an advantage and it looked like they found their edge midway through the match.  James Storm’s involvement puts them over the top as he gets involved only when necessary.  The unorthodox style of Broken Matt allows the Hardys to fight back into the match as they retain the championship with two Twist of Fates on Kingston.

There is so much mystery surrounding the DCC that whenever they come out, it’s must see.  They still have more than three masks on the table in their vignettes and that has to be a sign of things to come.  The question is when will something big happen and who will be included?

EC3 Sets His Sights on the TNA World Championship

The match was officially set when EC3 called out the World Champion.  This will be EC3’s third shot at the title this year and he guaranteed that there is no way that he will lose for the third time.

Six Sides of Steel Match for the TNA Knockout’s Championship
Jade vs. Rosemary

Result: Rosemary def. Jade via pinfall to win the TNA Knockout’s Championship.

The Knockouts are main eventing in the cage as the vacant Knockout’s Championship is on the line.  It is set to be a fantastic match as two of TNA’s newer talents fight.  Jade has held the championship before but Rosemary is hungry for the Knockout’s Division to decay.

This battle started outside the ring as Rosemary felt more at home and was able to gain control.  She brought a trash can into the match to add another wrinkle to six sides of steel.  Rosemary uses her gritty and unique style to take advantage of Jade.  Rosemary was definitely comfortable in this environment but Jade found her chances to fight back.  Jade used the steel in her offense more than Rosemary did.  It truly shows how good she is to adapt the whatever match she is competing.  Jade paid homage to Gail Kim with a beautiful crossbody from the top of the cage but somehow stays alive.  Gail’s protege looks like she has found her steam but is quickly dropped back to Earth when she is hit with the mist.  The match was essentially over as Rosemary would put Jade away with the Red Wedding.

Rosemary is the new TNA Knockout’s Championship and that paints an interesting picture on the division.  She is a walking storyline simply due to her character and with this being her first title run, it stops the rise of Gail’s chosen one.  Will Gail come back to battle Rosemary or will someone else be forced to take the reigns?

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