Scott Steiner Goes on Wild Twitter Rant About Goldberg, WWE 2K17

Scott Steiner went on a random angry rant about Goldberg and WWE 2K17 early Friday morning.

Scott Steiner is one to speak his mind about certain things. He tends to go about it in an uncensored matter, which draws an eye or two. This would happen again early Friday morning.

Steiner has a long history with Goldberg, one that dates back to their days in WCW. They even wrestled each other in WWE when both were with the company in 2003. Most recently, though, Goldberg showed up at a Legends of Wrestling event to spear Steiner.

Well, the former WWF Tag Team Champion decided to go on a long Twitter rant about WWE 2K17. Steiner went on about Goldberg being featured in the game, but with him nowhere to be found. He said the former World Heavyweight Champion, “couldn’t handle getting beat in 2 worlds”.

Then, to stay relevant with trending topics, Steiner directed a message to Kate Upton. She had gone on a Twitter rant about her fiancee, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, not winning the American League Cy Young award in the MLB.

It sounds like Steiner very much wanted to be in WWE 2K17, something that too him about five weeks to realize. Maybe he’s trying to get the attention of WWE and 2K Sports to put him in a future game, but going on a rant like this and comparing it to Upton’s man getting screwed over won’t help his case.

Maybe WWE will eventually put Scott Steiner into the video game since the roster has expanded to over 100 wrestlers, past and present. It’s definitely a possibility. For now, though, he’ll have to play as himself on SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain, another game that features Brock Lesnar on the cover.

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