WATCH UFC star Joe Lauzon gets birthday beating at own gym

The Lauzons love a god scrap, even between one another.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

When you’re UFC lightweight star Joe Lauzon, you do just about everything with intensity. As we found out in the below video, that includes celebrating his birthday.

The all-time UFC performance bonus leader owns and operates his own gym in South Easton, Mass. — Lauzon Martial Arts — but as he points out, having your name on the sign doesn’t protect you from normal team beat-downs. Lauzon turned 32 this past Sunday, and his team welcomed him at the gym with a torrent of cheap shots.

All fun (we guess?) aside, Joe was clearly ready and took the battle seriously. He had his mouthguard in, and never stopped trying to break free of the torrent of joint locks and choke holds, all while absorbing a lot of belly slaps.

This good-natured and hard-nosed birthday celebration seems to fit right in with the familial and hard-training environment we’ve experienced while visiting Lauzon Martial Arts in the past. If that brief video doesn’t give you your fill of crazy Lauzon fight action, make sure to look at the blast from the past, below.

The year before both Joe and younger brother Dan Lauzon would make their UFC debuts, the two locked up in a backyard brawl at a family party. Joe recently released the fight in two parts, and the dramatic second portion is below.

As you’ll see, this was a bit different than your average sibling wrestling matches. There are leg-kicks, takedowns and high-guards, among other technical moves.

Oh, and hard punches. Like, really, full-on, brutal, hard punches. 

We’re not exactly sure what brought this match on but once it was on, it was on.