Matt Mitrione suffers mangled eye in TKO loss to Travis Browne

Matt Mitrione came up on the wrong end of a TKO loss to Travis Browne on Sunday night and his eye may have taken the brunt of the punishment.

Mitrione actually suffered two separate eye pokes from Browne during the fight in the same right eye that looked like it might stop the fight when the doctor was forced to look at him on the second occasion.

The referee opted not to take a point away from Browne for the infraction and Mitrione continued to blink his way through the fight.

In the third round, Browne blasted Mitrione with a straight punch that clearly did the majority of the damage and by the end of the fight, when the referee finally put a stop to the carnage, the former "Ultimate Fighter" had a hematoma that looked like a golf ball hiding behind his eye.

Mitrione also got slammed down to the ground just before Browne put an end to the fight with his shoulder landing hard on the canvas.

When it was all over, Mitrione certainly looked like he had been through a battle and as bad as his eye looked on Sunday, there’s no telling what he might be dealing with tomorrow morning.