Gegard Mousasi on Lyoto Machida: ‘He’s a cheater, [expletive] him!’

Gegard Mousasi is meek no more.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC

Gegard Mousasi has been criticized in the past for being too passive-minded and almost sleepy-sounding when he speaks, and sometimes when he fights. The well-rounded middleweight is so good that he’s comfortable just about anywhere in a fight, and is so relaxed he sometimes doesn’t fight with a real sense of urgency.

After beating Thales Leites this past Saturday, the Dutchman was anything but quiet, however. He boasted about how much more clearly he beat Leites than Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva both, and he called out opponents he wants to fight, next.

"I would like to fight Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort…[rematch] Machida, when he’s not on steroids and he’s not greased up," he told Ariel Helwani, afterwards.

Mousasi lost a decision to Machida in 2014 but claims that the former champion was doped-up and also greased his body with substances to be harder to hold on to. "No, because it’s true," he insisted.

"The guy was [expletive] greased up, and he looked like a 15-year-old boy when I fought him. Obviously, he was in Brazil. He was so [expletive] slippery."

Mousasi knows that he sounds like he’s making excuses in poor form. He just doesn’t care, however.

"People now are surely going to say that I’m a bad loser, but the guy didn’t look normal for a [expletive] 38-year-old, and greased up all the way. He was greased up. Once he sweat, it was greasy. Even Luke Rockhold said that he was greased up when they fought."

Given one more chance to backtrack a bit, Mousasi instead dug in his heels regarding Machida. "He’s a cheater," he maintained.

"What can I say? [Expletive] him!"