Bethe Correia: Ronda Rousey is a farce

Bethe Correia is right back on the insult horse, as she looks towards a late-summer UFC 190 bantamweight title showdown against champion Ronda Rousey. Fresh off her stupid comments about suicide, the Brazilian is back with more threats and promises of violence for the "Rowdy" one.

"Ronda, you’re not the superheroine you think you are. You are a farce, and I’ll prove it on August 1," Correia was recently translated as saying.

"I’ll give you the biggest beating of your life. I’ll make you suffer pain, I’ll make you cry in pain. I’ll humiliate you, and you’ll leave your belt here. You’re not a champion. I’m a champion. I invite you to try your MMA game because your judo is not going to work here. I’m gonna beat you up and everyone is going to see it."

In fact, the 31-year-old knows exactly how she plans to beat Rousey and take her championship, in front of her home Brazilian crowd this August. "I don’t have any doubt that I’m going to win," she began.

"I don’t see myself losing. It never crosses my mind. My faith doesn’t allow that. I see me knocking her out. If I end up submitting her, maybe she’ll give me a guillotine or something like that, I’ll take it, but I really want a knockout. I wanna knock her out with a head kick. I think it would be amazing. But if it doesn’t happen, I can do it with my hands. I just want to give her something that she has never tasted before."

Well, Rousey has not tasted defeat of any kind in MMA, yet. So, we’re sure that a loss of any kind to Correia would shock the Olympian plenty, as well as the rest of the world.

That said, Correia is also undefeated, and riding a three-fight win streak in the UFC, including two wins over Rousey teammates Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke. So, the brash Brazilian has good reason for her confidence.